Fellow Mall Walkers,

As you all know, six months ago, your walking club was forced to suspend walking and meetings in the Place d’Orleans Mall. The purpose of this email is to provide you with an update on the situation in which we now find ourselves.

I met with the Place d'Orleans Administration, and because of the pandemic, they cannot allow us to use the community room, nor allow us to use the Mall for walking.

I called a meeting of the executive recently to discuss the situation and to reach a consensus on what we should do. As a result of that meeting, we have decided that the Club will:

  • Suspend operations until we are again permitted to walk the Mall and use the office;

  • Delay registration until we re-start; and

  • Provide periodic updates on the status of the situation.

These decisions are not ideal. Because we need to offer a safe place to walk and socialize, we are constrained to continue using PDO for our activities. Les Mille-pattes de Place d'Orléans Mall Walkers will continue as a club, albeit inactive, until we can go back to the Mall. This outcome is not what we expected back in March.

The pandemic will not last forever, and pending the evolution of the virus, a vaccine, etc., it will come to an end. We need to wait and protect ourselves in the meantime and to follow Ottawa Health recommendations.

Not all members have access to email, so if you know any, please share this information with them.

If you need more information or have suggestions, please contact me at jj.pp@outlook.com.

Jean Proulx


Sept 2nd, 2020